Sauvie Island/Rocky Point–still windy

Fortunately for me. though it was windy, it was not very wet, so I was only slightly frozen by the time I arrived back home.

I set out under high clouds and a low Solstice sun for a run at another 100km.  I made it 99, so I’ll call it a success.  This is one of my favorite loops and although I can’t complete it in the same time I could have years ago, I still love it for it’s scenery and quiet roads–made all the more quiet being Christmas day and all.  A secondary goal in my quest for a “Festive 500” is to ride some of Portland’s iconic rides and this is certainly one of them.

leaving over St. John's bridge

It starts out simply enough with a pleasant spin along Willamette Blvd and over every Portland cyclist’s favorite bridge: the Saint John’s Bridge (if I may speak for every Portland cyclist).  Then along “dirty 30”, a flat loop around Sauvie Island, back to 30 for a few more miles and then UP UP UP Rocky Point Rd.  At just over 5 km long, it climbs more than 450 meters.  I’m always glad to arrive at the top.

Sauvie Island

bottom of Rocky Point

Like I said yesterday, my legs are knackered.  I haven’t racked this many miles in as many days in ages.  This is a great jump start to my base miles and a great way to spend the holidays!


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